Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Guide

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Guide

The Tokyo Ghoul series has launched four seasons, and each season’s release will cause a sensation in the animation industry, and each time it seems to bring people a different surprise.

As the protagonist of anime, Jin Muyan has a high reputation and ability, and his extraordinary experience has added a lot of mystery to him.

Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of the Canon series “Tokyo Ghoul”, as well as the protagonist of the fictional story “Tokyo Ghoul: Resurrection”.

He used to study Japanese literature at Kamui University and lived a normal life. However, after he transplanted Rize Kamishiro’s kakuhou into him and became a one-eyed ghoul, everything quickly changed.

After joining Anteiku as a part-time waiter, he learned how to live as a ghoul and was called Eyepatch. Kane Kaneki is characterized by one-eyed and masks, and these costumes are the reason why Ken Kaneki’s role-playing costumes are so popular.

After the “Bronze Tree” incident, Jin Muyan’s appearance has undergone major changes, and his hair has changed from jet black to pale. After joining the Bronze Tree, he changed into a black tight-fitting white-striped jumpsuit, covered with a short-sleeved jacket full of reflective stripes and a pair of black pants. When performing tasks, he would wear a mask in order not to reveal his identity.

After the amnesia became “Sasaki Sasaki”, his appearance has undergone a major change again. The hairstyle has changed to a mushroom head, the top of the hair is black, while the bangs and the sides of the temples are white. He is wearing a CCG uniform with a black base. Shirt and white mid-length trench coat.

During the black death, Jinmu returned to its original posture again. The hair turned back to black, and the hair style changed back to the hair style of the black hair period, usually wearing a black shirt and black suit pants.

During the period of the one-eyed king, Jin Muyan realized the true goal of life. He got rid of all hypocrisy and his hair turned white. He put on the mask again when fighting the clown, combing his hair into a big back, wearing a black base shirt and a white suit. His hands turned blood red.

Here I want to introduce Jinmu’s most classic costume, which is the costume when his hair turns white for the first time. A black tight-fitting white striped jumpsuit, looks handsome and cool, and a lot of mature. His mask is his symbol and is also loved by many people. I think we should be able to provide you with this set of cosplay costumes and masks. To be honest, the mask is the most important.

Here we go.


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